Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet
Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Solve The Bitcoin Seed Phrase

Within these digital walls lay clues to the recovery of a collection of cache deposits. No digging is required, only time, effort, and skill. In just a few moments from now you could uncover one of these cache deposits.

Instructions: Solve the Bitpot’s riddle to reveal the Bitcoin Wallets mnemonic seed phrase. Be the first and use the seed phrase to reconstruct the private key and claim the Bitpot (bitcoin wallet address).

  1. Using the crossword puzzle found in each Bitpot solve the first 12 words of the mnemonic seed phrase.
  2. Uncover the proper order of each word using clues scattered throughout this site.
  3. Input your answers into the form located in each Bitpot.
  4. For added security a 13th seed word is included. Solve the 13th seed word using clues scattered throughout this site.
  5. Input your answer into the form located in each Bitpot.
  6. Rebuild the Bitcoin Wallet Private Key using the entire mnemonic seed phrase. Many wallets support the creation and input of mnemonic seed phrases.

Each Bitpot treasure hunt requires user registration to this site and a one-time fee with unlimited access. Once a Bitpot seed phrase has been solved it will no longer be accessible to new participants but will remain open to previously paid participants. 60% of Bitpot Treasure Hunt fees are deposited to the associated Bitcoin wallet address to fund the Bitpot.**

Note: While Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, Bitpot participants identity on this site is not. All seed phrase discoveries are announced on this site and associated Facebook Fan Page using the members username so that new participant can estimate their chances of winning. Participate at your own discretion.

**Deposits are made in $50 increments (minus processing fees) to ensure faster delivery through the blockchain. Deposit percentage rate is determined by current Bitcoin transaction fees. 

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